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Panasonic designs and produces Building Materials and products for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), distributors and fabricators in the North America. Panasonic is a leading manufacturer of advanced technology Thermal Insulation products, and uniquely treated Steel Core Coils and material for roofs and gutters for commercial, industrial and residential construction.

Panasonic provides advanced technologies for the building and construction market. Our Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) and Vacuum Insulating Glass (VIG) are emerging and reliable leading technologies in the Building Products industry. PVC Clad Steel Coils for Gutter, and Roof Applications provide superior protection from chemicals and salt-spray. And our Copper Coated Steel Gutters and accessories offer a copper gutter solution that will maintain its color for the long term.
Thermal Insulating Products
When Less is More. New technologies are sweeping the Building Materials market at a time when labor can sometimes be scarce, inspiring new processes and ways of doing things faster,  more predictably, and with less waste. Modular, Pre-fabricated and Panelized construction continues to increase, and there has been rapid growth of kit type solutions delivered to job sites. 
Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG)
Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG) or Vacuum Insulating Glazing, is the next step in the evolution of high thermal performance windows. The insulating value of a building’s windows and glazing have a significant impact on the building envelope performance and energy efficiency. As people embrace larger and larger windows in their living and work spaces, VIG is the next solution in the transition to Zero Net Energy buildings and higher performance building envelopes.

Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) 
Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) for Thermal Insulation have been routinely applied in refrigeration for decades. Now the technology has been designed for use in building construction. Delivering a big leap in thermal insulation value, VIPs fit well into pre-fabricated panels and composite building products. VIPs bring insulation benefits whether used in cold storage solutions, along balcony’s in high-rises or for a do-it-yourself Tiny home, and everything in between.
Take a leap in Building Thermal Insulation.
Steel Roof and Gutter Products
Polymer protected Steel Coils for Gutters and Roofs are easy to fabricate, and installed with sealants offer long term durability for commercial and industrial buildings. The gutter material is ideal for box or valley gutters, and the Roof material can be easily incorporated into solutions for buildings with low slope or flat roofs.  Copper coated steel provides an enduring upscale design element. 
PVC Clad Steel Coil for Gutters
PVC Clad Steel Coil for Roof
Copper Coated Steel Gutters
Hot dipped galvanized steel protected by thick high-polymer cladding combines the strength of steel with the durability of PVC for extra protection particularly suited to withstand chemical and marine environments. The PVC cladding on Panasonic’s gutter material is thicker than our Roofing material ensuring quality is maintained during gutter fabrication and a long product life for commercial and industrial projects.

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Metal Roofs can outlast the life of commercial and industrial buildings; however, exposure to chemicals and marine environments often shortens the life of a metal roof. Hot dipped galvanized steel protected by a high-polymer cladding combines the strength of steel with the durability of PVC for extra protection, particularly suited to withstand chemical and marine environments. When used for coping, flashing or fascia, flexible PVC roofing membranes can be easily adhered to this material for a tight roofing solution.

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Some building owners prefer the look of new copper when it is first installed, and less so when it has turned brown or aged to a patina. Copper Coated Steel Gutter and related accessories are ideal for installations where the strength of steel, combined with the retention of the copper color, is desired. The material also provides protection against acid rain, for a long lasting copper aesthetic.

What you see is what you get.

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