When designing a tracking device, you need Batteries you can rely on. You’ve got it with Panasonic’s 50 years of Li-Primary production and know-how. 

As Infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex, and the majority of applications are becoming wireless, battery power becomes a critical need for those applications. You can rely upon Panasonic batteries to meet those needs.


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Panasonic can meet your design-in needs by offering Batteries and Battery Solutions for almost ANY application: 

  • Proximity Tracking

  • Social Distancing Trackers

  • Beacon Tracking

  • Proof Of Health Trackers

  • Container Tracking

  • Trailer Tracking

  • Cargo Tracking

  • Shipment Tracking

  • Transportation Tag

  • EOT Tag (End Of Train Tag)

  • Asset Tracking

  • High Value Asset Tracking

  • Smart Retail Tracking

  • People Counters

  • In-Store Customer Tracking

  • Customer Behavior Tracking

  • Out Of Stock Tracking

  • Smart Grocery Carts

  • Smart Parking

  • Parking Lot Car Counters

  • And Much More!