“NASBIS” Insulating Sheets

Don’t Just Spread Heat...Isolate It With NASBIS!


A new, significantly improved heat
isolating thermal management material
available from Panasonic!

Panasonic’s new thermal management material, “NASBIS” is a flexible heat Insulating Sheet, composed of proprietary silica aerogel and fiber. Structured into nanoscale hollow particles, this highly-porous sheet has a thermal conductivity of roughly 0.02 W/m·K, making it an excellent insulator. The thermal conductivity of NASBIS is lower than that of air, which means it provides high heat insulation. These sheets are extremely thin and flexible, so they can be bent and used in narrow spaces and applications including wearable devices and smartphones.

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A Closer Look at NASBIS

Characteristics of the Insulating Sheets

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